Oh Fudge!

Today is National Fudge Day, the day we all gather to celebrate the rich, chocolaty goodness that is known as fudge. But how will you pay homage to this perfect confection? Here are some favorite fudge recipes to inspire your day: Instead of your morning coffee, how about morning coffee fudge? Or swap your sandwich for Mini Mint Fudge Ice Cream Sandwiches. Think you don't have time for fudge? Think again. This recipe for Easy Chocolate Fudge comes together in only ten minutes! And happy hour just got happier with fudgy Guinness Brownies. Heat things up in the evening with a little hot fudge, because everything is better with Hot Fudge Sauce (except, perhaps, spaghetti). Or, cool things down with some Homemade Fudge Pops, the perfect treat on a summer evening. Whatever you do, enjoy your day enjoying fudge!
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