No-Sew Closet Sachets

Mrs. Fields Secrets Closet Sachet It's that time of year to box up the tank tops and shorts and transition your closet into cool weather wear, and we've got a great little trick to keep your clothes fresh and smelling great all season through. This no-sew sachet will cost pennies compared to store-bought alternatives and is easy to refresh every time you transition your closet. Make a handful of these sachets and tuck them into drawers and closet shelves. Your clothes will smell amazing, and you'll keep pesky moths away too. No-Sew Closet Sachet 9 x 9 inch piece of fabric 10 inch strip of ribbon 1/3 cup dried lavender flowers Directions Place the lavender flowers in the center of the wrong side of your fabric. Pull the corners in and tie the ribbon around tightly to secure. Place in dresser drawers or closet shelves for up to 6 months of freshness. After 6 months, untie the ribbon and replace the lavender flowers. HINT: Use cloth napkins, scraps of fabric, or old clothing to up-cycle for this project. HINT: Cedar chips, rosemary and pine needles are other great sachet-fillers that will give a lasting scent and deter moths.
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