Menu Planning Tips

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I've got spring cleaning fever (in hopes of summoning spring to get here already). I've found a key way to keeping my fridge and pantry clean and organized is to use menu planning. It helps me keep track of and use what I've got. It saves me money, time, space, and hassle. If you haven't used menu planning before, I've got some tips and resources to get you started.

TIP #1: Create a menu plan that fits into your life. Some people like to grocery shop once a week, others bi-weekly or even monthly. Pick a plan that fits your schedule and preferences. TIP#2: Be realistic about how often you eat out and take that into account. If you eat out twice a week, be sure to adjust your menu plan to reflect it. Otherwise, you'll end up with wasted food and money. TIP #3: Rotate your family's favorite recipes, while incorporating some new ones. This is the key to keeping up on a menu plan for me. It keeps things both fresh and familiar. TIP#4: Pick your preferred technology. If you're tied to your smartphone, use an app to help you plan. If you're chained to your laptop, use a web-based system. Here are some tried-and-true apps and websites to help you out. Find the one that suits you best. Apps ZipList Supercook Dinner Spinner Websites Saving Dinner Food on the Table eMeals Relish Do you have a favorite menu-planning app or site? Share your favorites in the comments section!
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