Memorial Day Weekend Dos and Don'ts

DSCN7709 It's the long weekend we've all been waiting for to officially kick off summer 2011! I hope yours is wonderful, safe, and filled with friends and family. Here's my guide to a fabulous Memorial Day weekend:

Do stay up late.

Don't set the alarm clock. Do visit a cemetery. Don't forget flowers for the grave. Do attend a local pancake breakfast. Don't skimp on the syrup. Or the bacon. Do hang a flag outside. Don't drive past any lemonade stands without stopping. Do pull out your white pants and shoes. Don't miss the amazing sales everywhere. Do see one of the new summer blockbusters in an air-conditioned theater. Don't forget a sweater—movie theaters are so cold! Do don a swimming suit poolside, lakeside, or beachside. Don't worry that you haven't got a tan. Do marinate some meat for a delicious barbecue. Don't eat too much watermelon. Trust me. Do roll the windows down and turn the music up. Don't leave your bike, scooter, or walking shoes collecting dust. Do light a candle or a campfire and enjoy cool evening air. Don't forget the ingredients for s'mores. Do remember to show your appreciation to those who have and continue to serve our country. Don't forget what it's all about.
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