Memorial Day Idea: Heritage Dinner

Mrs. Fields Secrets Heritage Dinner Ideas If you're looking for ways to create more meaning with Memorial Day amidst the sidewalk sales and barbecues this weekend, consider having a Heritage Dinner in memory of loved ones lost. This is a great way to help kids (and adults) feel connected to their heritage. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Choose to focus on one person, someone you knew well or an ancestor that you research.
  • Create a menu surrounding the person's favorite foods. If you don't know their favorite foods, research popular foods from that time period.
  • Decorate with old photographs, yearbooks, personal belongings, clothing, etc.
  • Guests could dress in period clothing as well.
  • If old journals are available, share entries.
  • What was daily life like for that person? Share details and compare them to daily life now.
  • Create a historical context. What major events happened during the individual's lifetime and how might that have affected their life?
  • If you knew the individual personally, share stories and memories and encourage guests to do the same.
  • Draw personal connections between the individual, yourself, and guests. Are there similarities in personality, looks, interests?
  • If proximity allows, visit the grave site or other significant locations together as part of the event.
  • You could also choose to focus on an entire family, involving guests in gathering the research about individual members.
  • If you enjoy the experience, commit to making it an annual event.
Have any other ideas for a Heritage Dinner? Share them in the comments.
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