Meaningful Graduation Gifts + Discount

No matter the age or degree of your graduate, forego the traditional card with cash and give something meaningful. Here are a few great ideas to treat the grad in a personal, memorable way. Whether you're budget is zero dollars or a few hundred, these ideas will leave a lasting impact. 1. Write a letter. Graduates are usually feeling sentimental at graduation time. Share your reflections in a letter. What observations can you share about their progress? What is your advice for the future? Take this moment to say what you want to say. Choose nice paper and a quality pen because this is a keepsake. 2. Create a time capsule kit. Help your grad save this exciting moment in time in a special way. An airtight oversized jar is a perfect time capsule. Add some of your own elements (photos of the grad, mementos, etc.) or let them fill it with their friends. 3. Share a favorite children's book. The wisdom in children's books is often appropriate for a graduate headed into an exciting new future. One of my favorites is How to Behave and Why. Great life advice for anyone of any age. 4. Send a fresh delivery. When you can't be there in person, a thoughtful gift like our Graduation Ribbon Box can be a good substitute. Our bite-sized treats and a personal note will be a sweet spot in the day. I love the idea of having it delivered the night before with a note about savoring the sweet moments. 5. Say it on a Big Cookie Cake. With up to 20 characters, you can create a funny, sweet, or encouraging message on one of our Big Cookie Cakes. Buy one locally or have it delivered. 6. Remind them where they came from. If your grad is headed off to a new place, one of these state pendant necklaces is a great way to keep home close to their heart. 7. Put a ring on it. I'm in love with these old-fashioned signet rings. Your grad's initials along with a cap and gown make them look so grown up! 8. Watch the time. A nice watch with a personal inscription is a timeless gift. (Pun intended, wink, wink.) Mrs. Fields Secrets readers can save 15% off all graduation gifts online! Simply use discount code 12HF2 at checkout!
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