Make the Most of Your Daylight

If it isn't already there, put it on your calendars--March 13 is the Daylight Savings time change. Along with changing the batteries in your smoke detector, why not use that date (or the days before) to mark some other important items of upkeep? For example:
  • that dental appointment you've been putting off
  • that doctor's appointment you've been neglecting
  • the furnace filter that needs to be changed
  • the vet appointment for the dog or cat
  • get a carbon monoxide monitor
  • a call to the cable, phone, or garbage company to negotiate a lower rate (tell them you're thinking of changing companies)
  • an oil change for your car
  • a reservation at that restaurant you've always wanted to try
  • filing your taxes
  • contacting a forgotten relative
  • emailing a long lost friend
  • applying for that promotion
  • start writing that book
  • joining the gym again
  • using the gym membership you already have
So what will you do with your daylight? Don't put it off any longer. Whatever it is, you're worth it. Put it on the calendar and share your ideas in the comments section!
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