Labor Day Party Idea: Diner en Blanc

Cities around the world are adopting a famous Parisian mega summer party called Diner en Blanc, or The White Dinner. It's held in a different location each year, and guests show up dressed in white for a dinner under the stars. How about a scaled-down version for your Labor Day celebration? After all, it's your last day to wear white, right? Here are my ideas:

Mrs. Fields Secrets White Party

1. Invite guests to wear white. Above anything else, this makes the biggest impression. Clothes don't have to be fancy (though that's fun, too!), just white. 2. Serve white foods, like these White Chicken Enchiladas that are simple and delicious. 3. White fans for party guests are both pretty and functional. Make your own or order these beautiful fans for guests. 4. You've probably got strings of white lights in storage, so pull them out and string them up. They add incredible ambience. 5. This Brazilian Lemonade is to die for, and such a pretty shade of creamy white. 6. End the night with sparklers. Kids and adults alike enjoy a sparkler and they make incredible props for photos. And don't think I've forgotten dessert! Serve lots of vanilla ice cream with my favorite Iced Orange Cookies. Delicious!

Image via Demotix.
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