It's Scavenger Hunt Time!

It's time for another Scavenger Hunt! We're having a great time seeing our Big Cookie Cake videos popping up on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as you share them with your friends. Today's video might just be my favorite. Will it be yours? And now for the fun! Enter to win your own Big Cookie Cake by participating in our Scavenger Hunt! Ready to play? Scavenge the video to find the answer to this question: What does the second cookie cake in the video say? Leave your answer in the comments section (only one entry per person, please), and a lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win a customized Big Cookie Cake of their own! More videos and more prizes will come, so stay tuned to the blog and subscribe to the Mrs. Fields YouTube channel. One more thing—if you liked our video, share it with your friends! (Entries accepted until midnight, June 19. Winner will be notified via email.)
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