Infused Sugar Gifts

I came across this idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it. (By the way, are you using Pinterest yet? You can follow me here.) Infused sugars are a fun and easy gift idea, perfect as party favors at weddings, showers, or any event. Citrus, floral, or earthy flavors bring sugar to life. Use infused sugars as a topping on fresh berries, buttered toast, on the rim of your favorite drinks, or anything you can think of. Plus, they are absolutely adorable! Infused Sugar (adapted from Sugar and Charm) sugar infusion elements (citrus fruit, espresso beans, vanilla beans, lavender) glass container with a seal Directions Citrus Infused Sugar: Zest the fruit you want to use to give your sugar a touch of flavor. Leave it out overnight to dry, since moisture will cause sugar to clump. Layer the sugar and the zest in a glass container. When you reach the top, add extra zest for color. Espresso Bean or Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar: Stir espresso or vanilla seedpod into sugar and seal in an airtight container for two days. Remove the espresso beans or seedpod using a strainer and transfer sugar into individual airtight containers. Or, grind the espresso beans to a super-fine consistency and leave in. Lavender Infused Sugar: Chop or grind lavender to desired consistency and allow to sit out overnight in a single layer to dry. Mix with sugar, adding extra on top. HINT: Let the sugar sit for at least one week before you use them or give them away. Like tea, it allows the flavors to steep and fully infuse! HINT: Infused sugars have a shorter shelf-life. Use within 3 months for best results. How would you use infused sugar? Share your thoughts in the comments section!
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