How To: Make Log Cabins for President's Day

Mrs. Fields Secrets Presidents Day Log Cabins If the kids are out of school for President's Day and you're looking for a fun activity, try these homemade log cabins made from milk cartons, peanut butter, pretzels, and crackers. It's an homage to President Lincoln and his humble beginnings, an activity, and a snack, all in one! These are super simple and very forgiving—make a mistake and just eat it. Even preschoolers can attempt this with a little bit of adult help. Here's what you'll need to get started:

President's Day Log Cabins adapted from Martha Stewart

half-pint or pint milk cartons, emptied and rinsed scissors tape creamy peanut butter graham crackers (for doors) wheat thin crackers (for shingles) pretzel sticks (for log beams) pretzel snaps (for windows) pretzel nuggets (for chimneys)

Directions 1. Trim the top of the carton off so that the roof comes to a point. Tape the opening closed.

2. Decorate one side at a time, smearing peanut butter in an even layer, adding extra to fill in the space at the pitch of the roof.

3. Place doors and windows first, then fill in with pretzel sticks to create the logs. Use the scissors to cut "logs" to the correct size, or snap them with your fingers. (Scissors work easier for the kids.)

4. Once all sides are covered, smear the roof with peanut butter and place two layers of wheat cracker shingles, followed by a pretzel nugget for the chimney.

5. Fasten the tip of a pretzel stick with a dab of peanut butter to create a doorknob.

Display your log cabins or eat them for a hearty snack. Most of all, have fun and enjoy a long weekend!

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