How To Make Every Homecoming Special

Is there anything better than coming home after being away for a while? Whether it's a soldier, a college student, or a spouse returning from a business trip, you can make every homecoming special for your loved ones with a few fun ideas. Invite the kids to join you and get creative!
  • Decorated doors. Use wrapping paper or butcher paper to cover the front door or bedroom door, then decorate it with a brightly colored welcome home message. A banner across the garage works great too!
  • Fresh flowers. They brighten a room, they smell amazing, and they certainly make a homecoming feel like a special occasion.
  • Pillow presents. Before they rest their head, let them find a small welcome home package on their pillow. A hand-written note and a favorite treat will do the trick.
  • Balloons galore. Balloons are bright, cheery, and inexpensive. A few bouquets right as they walk in the door makes quite an impression. Consider writing sweet messages on them too.
  • Fresh baked cookies. The smell in the house is welcoming enough, but a batch of their favorite cookies will make them feel so loved.
  • Bath salts and a magazine. A long journey home calls for a long soak in the bath. Present them with great-smelling bath salts, a favorite magazine, and some time alone.
If you can't be there to welcome them home, you can always send a fresh delivery of cookies. (In fact, you can still take advantage of our Mother's Day Early Bird discount before May 1st. Use code 12HEF at checkout for 15% off your order.) Have you ever had a special homecoming? Tell me about it! {Image via Pinterest.}
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