How To: Make Confetti Eggs

MF Surprise Eggs Instead of making traditional dyed eggs this year for the Easter baskets, why not try these fun confetti-filled eggs? These eggs (sometimes called cascarpones) are so fun to make and very easy! Here's what you'll need:

eggs push pins egg carton tissue paper, cut into small 1-3 inch pieces Modge Podge sponge brushes

Start by poking tiny holes in the top of each egg with a push pin to create a hole just big enough to blow air through, about this big: MF Top HOle

Then create a larger hole in the bottom of the egg in the same way. You can determine the size you want depending on what you want to put inside of it (small toys, money, or confetti.) This is just about the right size for confetti, but even a little bigger makes it easier, especially for kids. MF Bottom Hole Standing over the sink or a large bowl, blow a long, steady breath through the top of the egg. The white membrane and yolk will soon come shooting out. (The kids love this part.) If you want, you can save the yolks and whites and cook with them, although I've found too many tiny shell particles in mine, so I usually toss them out. Rinse the outside of the egg if needed. Set your eggs in the paper carton, bottom side down, to drain and dry several hours or overnight. Once they are dry, insert your confetti or toys or money in the larger hole. I create a simple funnel using a piece of paper to pour the confetti in. Remember, a little confetti goes a long way---no need to fill it full.

Using the sponge brush and Modge Podge, put a thin layer over and all around the opening. Top it with a piece of tissue paper and coat it all again with Modge Podge. Add more pieces of tissue paper to cover the entire egg, patchwork style. Once covered, return the egg to dry in the carton or another clean surface. When you're ready, hide them, share them, crack them, and enjoy them! They will likely become an Easter tradition for you and your family. MF Finished Eggs

HINT: Make reusable Easter decorations by leaving the hollow eggs empty. The shellacking will preserve the shells, making them last for years and years!

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