How To: Make a Big Red Heart

Mrs. Fields Catalog If you receive our catalog, you may have already noticed the big red heart featured in our photo shoot. For such a show-stopping piece, we were surprised to learn how easy it is to make! In a collaboration with Megan Bailey of Little Peanut Magazine and photographer Becky Kimball, we're bringing you several great ideas and how to's over the coming weeks to create unforgettable Valentine's Day details and fun parties. So let's start with that big red heart, the perfect statement piece for a Valentine party. Behind a table, it sets the stage with eye-catching charm, and it's made from only a few simple items. Here's what you'll need: The Big Red Heart designed by Megan Bailey 2x2 wood poles chicken wire red paper napkins Directions Start with the wood poles, which you can find at any home improvement store, and cut them to size. (Don't be afraid to go big!) Nail them together to create a frame. Wrap the chicken wire across the frame and secure it in place with a staple gun. IMG_5516 Finally, open up each napkin and shape it into a V-shaped flare (think badminton shuttlecock), and tuck the point into the chicken wire to secure it. Add as many napkins as necessary to create a full heart shape. IMG_5513 Start with an outline, then work to fill it all in. IMG_5525 SLPMrsFields121 And voila! Easy as that, and now you have the perfect frame base for any holiday- just change the shape and color. Think white for weddings, big block letters for a birthday—the sky is the limit! {All images by Becky Kimball}
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