How Do You Make Back to School Special?

Lunch Bag Best
Summer is drawing to a close and parents are descending on the bins of pencils, crayons, paper, and index cards at the stores to fill up the kids' backpacks and send them off into another school year. I'm always sad to see summer draw to a close, but the anticipation of a new year's adventures quickly replaces any reluctance on my part. Speaking of new years, September 1 might as well be New Years Day for the kids. It's much more monumental in their worlds than January 1 for sure. As I read in the blogosphere and talk to friends, I find that everyone has a unique way to usher in a new school year: some have a back-to-school fashion show in the living room, some have special dinners, some shop for new clothes, and some find other creative ways to celebrate. My question for you is this: How do you make back-to-school special at your house? I can't wait to hear! P.S. That photo? It's my idea of a fabulous back-to-school lunch! Save on back-to-school gifts at with code BTS1. You'll get 10% off a purchase of $50 and 15% off a purchase of $75.
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