How About Some Cocoa With Those Cookies?

It's no secret how we feel about chocolate around here. It's kind of our thing. And boy, are our standards high. So when we came across Crio Bru hot cocoa, we knew it was a pairing made in heaven. Offered in several of our holiday gifts, these perfectly roasted cocoa beans are a rich, delicious, healthy, unique alternative to coffee. Brew this delicious cocoa in a regular coffee maker or (our preference) a French press. You can read more about Crio Bru here, and you can check out these incredible holiday gifts in which it's featured.
Cocoa French Press Combo
The Cocoa French Press Combo is a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. It comes with its own French press, 12 oz. of Hazelnut brewed cocoa, 12 oz. of Cavalla brewed cocoa, 12 oz. of Coca River brewed cocoa, and 8 oz. of chocolate covered cocoa beans.
Brewed Cocoa Variety Pack
The Brewed Cocoa Variety Pack is another great way to share this product. It comes with 5 oz. of Maracaibo brewed cocoa,, 5 oz. of Cavalla brewed cocoa,5 oz. of Coca River brewed cocoa and 5 oz. of French Roast Cavalla brewed cocoa.
Deluxe Cocoa Silver Combo
Let's be honest, the cocoa needs some cookies and brownies, and the Deluxe Cocoa Silver Combo gift delivers in every way. It arrives with 36 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies, 24 brownie-bites, 5 oz. of Maracaibo brewed cocoa, 5 oz. of Cavalla brewed cocoa, and 5 oz. of Coca River brewed cocoa.

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And we also have the option of adding on a bag of cocoa or chocolate covered beans with any of our gifts. (Look for the option just before checkout!) It's a great way to turn any of our delicious Mrs. Fields gifts into a cocoa combo. Happy Brewing for Happy Holidays!
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