Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I can't let summer slip away without sharing this very easy recipe that makes for hours and hours of outdoor fun! All you need is a few quick ingredients from your kitchen, a muffin tin and some old paint brushes. Set the kids loose on your driveway and sidewalk and see what masterpieces they can create! Sidewalk Chalk Paint 1 cup cornstarch 1 3/4 cups water food coloring muffin tin(s) paint brushes Directions Mix cornstarch and water with a whisk until dissolved and milky in appearance. Pour equal amounts into the muffin tin, then add drops of food coloring into each individual pocket and stir. Keep in mind that the dried colors will appear much lighter than the paint, so add plenty of coloring. Use paint brushes to paint sidewalks, driveways, or even little legs and feet! (It washes right off!) HINT: Why let the kids have all the fun? Invite your friends to take a square of sidewalk to paint this weekend at your Labor Day party and have a sidewalk art show! {Image source.}
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