Holiday Preview for Early Birds

It's the time of year that seems to start moving at warp speed. Here at Mrs. Fields you can feel the excitement in the air. Our state-of-the-art factory is already bustling and will soon feel very much like Santa's workshop right down to the heavenly smells of freshly baked cookies and brownies shipped fresh each day to you, your friends, and family. I'm excited to give you a sneak peek into my favorite gifts from this year's lineup, plus a fabulous discount for early bird shoppers! Buckle up your tastebuds and prepare to be thrilled. This year, it's all about personalization. We have several options for you to create custom gifts filled with our gourmet best. Our Personalized Stocking is a long-lasting gift, perfect for anyone on your list.
Personalized Stocking
Our Holiday Personalized Cookie Jar can become a one-of-a-kind gift for grandparents, parents, friends, and sweethearts. You choose the photo and the caption to create a gift like no other.
Holiday Personalized Cookie Jar
There's something so classic about a tin filled with delicious cookies. I love the modern twist we took with our Holiday Wreath Tin. It's an absolutely beautiful gift.
Holiday Wreath Tin
We've heard from many happy customers that our Ultimate Snowman has a wow-factor that can't be beat. At 26 inches tall, he is loaded with a lavish assortment of treats in each of his five layers. He becomes a practical gift for years to come, able to store ornaments, and other decorations inside!
Ultimate Snowman
Our bulk options are hugely popular for those who like to give a lot, but save a lot too. Our Embossed Snowflake Tin by the case comes with 24 individual tins, filled with 36 bite-sized cookies in each one. (A favorite for businesses.)
Embossed Snowflake Tin by the Case
Is there anything more adorable than our Santa's Suspenders Tote? No, there isn't. I think you know at least three people who need this gift. I know I do.
Santas Suspenders Tote
The Sparkling Snowflake Tub is one of my favorite ideas for a family gift. There's a variety of treats to please everyone and the gorgeous tub begs to be part of any holiday decor.
Sparkling Snowflake Tub
You can check out our entire line of holiday offerings on our website, And don't forget—early birds save big at Mrs. Fields! Use discount code 11WEB to save 15% off your order before 11/11/11, and 10% off before 12/2/11. Happy shopping and happy upcoming holidays to you!
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