Hanukkah Gifts for a Happy Holiday

Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 20th this year, and we've got a wonderful array of gifts to help you celebrate. Here are some of my favorites:
Happy Hanukkah Platter
Our beautiful Happy Hanukkah Platter arrives with fresh cookies for sharing. It's a fabulous gift that will last for years.
Embossed Silver Tin
A fresh tin of cookies features a Hanukkah greeting with our special Embossed Silver Tin.
Deluxe Basket of Treats
Looking for a gift that will last for the eight beautiful nights of Hanukkah? How about our Deluxe Basket of Treats? It's abundant in size and variety. Check out our entire line of Hannukah gifts (all kosher certified) on our website for even more inspiration!
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