Halloween Activities for Kids and Classrooms

Mrs. Fields Secrets Halloween ActivitiesWhether you've got Room Mother responsibilities or you're hosting your own Halloween party, I've collected some fantastic activities to treat the kids to some super fun trickery. (Click on links for further instructions and sources.)

1. These DIY Shrunken Heads made from apples will be an absolute hit. 2. Carving pumpkins is a mess, especially in the classroom, but decorating with faces cut from magazines is clean and strangely hilarious. 3. Dress up a ring toss with witch hats for a fun Halloween theme. 4. Little candies hidden in balloons makes Pop Goes the Pumpkin a favorite game with a big bang. 5. Combine simple structures like chairs or desks with white yarn to create your own spider web. Then crawl through without trying to get caught. 6. Egg-shaped boxes can be painted to look like skulls. (I'm thinking glow-in-the-dark paint would be especially cool.) 7. Create a bean bag toss from a cardboard box with hungry pumpkins stacked up tall. 8. Butternut squashes have a natural bowling-pin shape, so line them up and knock them down with a small, round pumpkin. 9. Revive a classic and pin the bow tie on the skeleton.

Have your own great ideas for Halloween fun? Share them in the comments section!

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