Groundhog Giveaway: Which Day Would You Repeat?

Quite frankly, it's felt a bit like Groundhog Day lately—freezing cold day after freezing cold day! Is it possible to bribe Punxsutawney Phil? Yes? No? As it turns out, we can't force an early spring to arrive, but we can start a fun giveaway to get us through the last week of jaw-chattering January! We're giving away three classic gifts to three lucky readers:
3rd Prize: Our Classic Cookie Tin filled with 24 original cookies
2nd Prize: Our Classic Crate loaded with cookies, brownies, muffins and popcorn.
1st Prize: Our Classic Bonus Tray (a virtual party in a basket) with an assortment of 48 original cookies and 24 brownies. YUM! Ready to play? Leave a comment answering this question: In the spirit of Groundhog Day, which day would you repeat? Was it your wedding day? Your first day of college? Or a random Tuesday in spring? Tell us about it for your chance to win! **Giveaway closed.**
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