Greek Fro-Yo Giveaway from TCBY


If you love the taste of Greek yogurt and you love frozen yogurt, your world is about to get rocked! Next week, TCBYs across the country will be celebrating the arrival of new Greek Frozen Yogurt and offering incredible giveaways! But before I get to all the loot, here are some exciting facts about Greek Frozen Yogurt:
  • It's the healthiest TCBY yogurt to date (and that's saying something!)
  • It has twice the amount of protein as Super Fro-Yo, which makes it filling enough for a meal replacement
  • It has four grams of fiber per serving
  • It has zero grams of fat
  • It's loaded with vitamins, calcium, and probiotics
  • It has the smooth and tangy flavor of Greek yogurt you already love
We want you to be among the first to try this incredible treat, so we're giving away 10 of these adorable TCBY "Share the Love" totes, filled with a $5 gift card to TCBY! Opa!


How can you win? Leave a comment below answering this question: Who will you share the love of new TCBY Greek Fro-Yo with? (Comments will be accepted until midnight, April 2. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.)

But wait, there's more! If you're a social media butterfly, you can enter to win a free trip for two to Greece with TCBY's Greek Challenge. The more Greek Fro-You you eat, the better your chances of winning additional prizes like TCBY gift cards and Amazon gift cards. Check it out and start eating, tweeting, and posting! Or in other words, start sharing the love!

**Giveaway closed.**

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