Great Ways to Commemorate Your Summer Vacation

Mrs. Fields Secrets Vacation Memories You're back from your epic summer vacation. You've unpacked your suitcases, done all your laundry and returned your camera to the back of the closet until your next trip. Before all the memories fade, take a little time to commemorate your vacation with some of these creative ideas, even for you non-creative types:

1. A Vacation Memory Box is an easy way to store all the little trinkets and mementos you gather along your way. 2. Upload all your photos and create your own coffee table book full of memories. 3. Scan a favorite vacation photo onto fabric for a throw pillow. 4. Not sure what to do with that over-used map from your trip? Use it to line the bottom of a decorative tray. 5. This Vacation Memory Jar makes a great display on the bookshelf. 6. Create an online slideshow to share with friends.

Do you have great ideas for commemorating your vacation? Share them!

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