Great Oscar Party Ideas

Mrs. Fields Secrets Oscar Party The hottest party in Hollywood is happening Sunday, but your house can be just as glamorous and fun with these clever Oscar party ideas. Invite some friends, don some fake eyelashes and get your acceptance speech ready because you're about to to win best party host!

1. A range of flavored popcorns are perfect party fare. Have savory and sweet varieties. 2. These Tuxedo Cake Pops look so dapper. They might win best dressed. 3. You can recreate the Hollywood sign in a number of creative ways, but cupcakes would be dreamy. 4. Add a wedge of star fruit to give your bubbly drink the star treatment. 5. Make your napkins look like nominee envelopes for the ultimate touch. 6. Add your own labels to drinks so that everyone can enjoy an "Oscar Buzz."

And don't forget to download your free Oscar Dress Rating Card to keep track of your favorite (and least favorite) fashion looks.

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