Great News for TCBY (and You)!

Our TCBY brand has been getting a lot of buzz lately. While you and your friends have been enjoying our delicious frozen yogurt all across the country, a panel of judges and industry experts have awarded TCBY the Excellence in Innovation Award from Prepared Foods. The honor comes after years of hard work to develop rich, decadent frozen yogurt that is far and away healthier than anything else on the market. Here are some interesting facts about our fabulous (and now award-winning) Super Fro-Yo; it has:
  • less than 120 calories per serving, and no more than one gram of saturated fat.
  • a minimum of three grams of fiber per serving.
  • a minimum of four grams of protein per serving.
  • a minimum of seven types of probiotics per serving.
  • a minimum of 20% of the Daily Value of Vitamin D and Calcium.
  • a minimum of 10% of the Daily Value of Vitamin A.
  • at least 20 billion (yes, billion) live and active cultures per serving at manufacturing.

As you can see, it's truly a guilt-free treat!

If that isn't enough good news, there's more. TCBY is celebrating 30 years in business this month with an amazing sweepstakes on facebook. Visit our facebook page and enter now to win. Each week in September, we're giving away two $30 gift certificates, and one lucky winner at the end of the month will win free TCBY frozen yogurt for an entire year! Plus, every entrant will receive a 30% off store coupon. (And by the way, you can earn extra entries by "sharing" the contest on your own facebook page!)

All this good news is making me hungry. How about a fro-yo? I'll meet you at TCBY.

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