Giveaway: Why Is Your Valentine the Sweetest?

Frog Prince Bundle
Let's kickoff the weekend with a fabulous Valentine's giveaway! I want to feature one of my favorite gifts from our new catalog, the Frog Prince Bundle. I love this gift because it's an adorable reminder that true love often grows in the most unexpected places. Ladies, you know what I mean---you've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. Right? Whether you had to find your own prince among the frogs, or whether it was love at first sight, let's celebrate your relationship today with this giveaway. Tell me: Why is your valentine the sweetest? Leave your answer in the comments section and we'll select a random winner to win this charming gift. (Get it, charming?) And because I'm feeling extra peppy today, I'm throwing in a box of these decadent chocolate frogs, also available in our catalog. They are made of rich, Belgian chocolate and are simply divine.
Chocolate Frogs
Hop to it, now! Let the nominations begin! **Giveaway is now closed.**
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