Giveaway: Share Your Worst Date Story

I love giveaways, and I especially love giveaways that include your personal stories! With Valentine's Day coming up, it's time for another giveaway, and another opportunity for you to share your battle scars from the jungle of dating. Last year's giveaway was such fun (and therapeutic, I think, for some), so it's time to do it again.

It's time to take your turn to tell your worst dating story. We'll laugh and cry with you, and then we'll reward three unlucky-in-love readers with three very lucky prizes. It's our way of turning your sour into something sweet. Here's what we've got lined up:

Our Valentine's Day Tin is loaded with a dozen original cookies in a variety of our most popular flavors. It is highly capable of delighting the previously disappointed!
Our Cuddle Monkey is ready to embrace you with open arms and handfuls of our sweetest bite-sized cookies and frosted cookies.
And finally, from worst to first, our Abundance of Affection is like a shower of the sweetest treats around—cookies, brownies, and candy. Want to play? Share a comment telling us about your Worst Date Ever. Comments will be accepted until midnight, Monday, February 11. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen and notified via email. Let the stories begin! **Giveaway closed.**
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