Giveaway: Share Your Best April Fool's Prank

Are you a prankster? Famous for swapping the salt and sugar? Notorious short-sheeter? Or, on the other hand, are you the frequent victim of pranks, bracing yourself for surprise every time you open a closet door? Time to turn your best stories into free cookies from Mrs. Fields Gifts! In honor of April Fool's Day coming up, we're giving one lucky reader a sweet treat (no surprises, I swear) in exchange for a great prank. Here's how to play: leave a comment telling us about your best prank (either as prankster or prankee) and we'll select our favorite to receive a fresh delivery of our Daisy Tin, loaded with a dozen of our famous original cookies!
One entry per person, please. Comments accepted until midnight, Thursday, March 28. Winner will be selected and notified via email. No joke, it's time to enter now!
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