Giveaway: Nominate a Local Hero

It's hard to think about September 11 without thinking about heroes. Before that day in 2001, a hero might have been defined by a cape and a superpower, a championship sports ring, a platinum album or maybe an Olympic medal. Of course, since that day we've learned better. Heroes are everywhere, living among us, rising to challenges big and small and acting with courage.

In honor of the heroes in our everyday lives, and in memoriam of the September 11 anniversary, we're having a special giveaway. We're giving out three incredible prizes to three special heroes, nominated by you. That's right, it's your turn to shine the spotlight on an unsung hero, someone who has inspired you with their courage, service, and strength and deserves recognition.

Please take time to think about a local hero you'd like to thank and nominate them today. Three winners will be chosen and rewarded with either 3, 6, or 12 months of free cookies from our Treat of the Month Club. Can you think of a sweeter way to thank a hero?

Treat of the Month Club
Share the story of your hero in the comments section and check back often to read the other nominations for inspiration (though I have a hunch you'll need a tissue). We're honored to sponsor this giveaway and excited to read your nominations. Please feel free to spread the word on facebook, Twitter, and your own blogs. Here's the fine print: One nomination per person, please. Please respect privacy by using only your nominee's first name. Nominations will be accepted until midnight, Sunday, September 18. Winners will be chosen and their nominators will be contacted via email for shipping information.

(Image via Pinterest.)

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