Giveaway: Free Mrs. Fields Cookies for Halloween Handouts

The topic of Halloween handouts usually generates a lot of energized discussion. We all seem to have pretty strong opinions (founded in our young trick-or-treating days, no doubt) about the best and worst Halloween offerings. I still remember the confusion and disappointment of receiving a toothbrush from one house while trick-or-treating. Really, I thought, a toothbrush? And then there was the rumor one year about a house giving away king-sized candy bars. My friends and I scoured an entire neighboring subdivision, knocking on every door, but never found that elusive jackpot. Today I am ridiculously excited to announce our latest giveaway and your chance at becoming the coolest house on the block on October 31st. We're giving away a box of 100 individually packaged Mrs. Fields cookies for you to hand out to your trick-or-treaters! Can you just imagine the surprise and delight on their faces? I can and it's making me giddy!
100 Individually Wrapped Happy Halloween Cookies
To enter to win this amazing prize, please answer the following question in the comment section: As a child, what were your most favorite and least favorite trick-or-treating handouts? Take a trip down memory lane and share your thoughts. One lucky reader will be (randomly) selected to win this prize, which will be sent fresh to their house in time for Halloween! A warning to the winner, however: We cannot be held responsible for the mob of trick-or-treaters—including poorly disguised adults—that may find their way to your door once the rumor gets out that you're giving out Mrs. Fields cookies! (If you're not feeling lucky, you can always order your own supply of cookies on our website. While you're there, check out our favorite trick-or-treating accessories, including our adorable totes, satchels, and pouches. Our entire Halloween line of gifts is worth checking out, too.) Let the commenting begin! **Giveaway closed.**
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