Gifting Tip: It's Never Too Late!

I was talking with a friend recently who is a small business owner. She was lamenting that the holidays have passed and she didn't have the time or means to acknowledge her most valued clients at the time, so she did nothing. She came seeking my advice because she feels terrible. But she shouldn't, and you shouldn't either if you're in the same boat. Gift-giving should be a joyous experience, not a stressful or guilt-inducing one. Here are some ideas I shared with my friend that might help you too: 1. Just because the holidays are the traditional time to acknowledge your appreciation for your clients doesn't mean it is the only time. There is never an inappropriate time to let someone know that they are valued. 2. If your budget allows, a gift is a wonderful way to express your sentiment. And, of course, I think a Mrs. Fields gift is ideal. You might be surprised at how affordable our gifts can be, especially if you're buying several. Call one of our gifting specialists at 1-888-COOKIES for incredible, personalized help. (They really know what they're doing!) 3. If your budget doesn't allow for gifts, think of alternative ways to express your thanks. Can you offer a discount or coupon from your own business to them? 4. Of course, a hand-written card or personal phone call always means a lot. Take a few minutes to express your sincere appreciation. As I told my friend, no matter what economic times or personal budgets dictate, there is always a way to convey your gratitude to those who mean the most to you and your business. Get creative, and if you haven't already done so, make this the first item on your to-do list today. Start 2010 out right. You won't regret doing it, but you'll always regret if you don't!
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