Gift Guide: Bosses, In-Laws, and New Friends

Our final gift guide today is based on a non-scientific poll of a group of friends and family. I asked them: Who are the hardest people to shop for? Three answers kept surfacing to the top of the list: your boss or spouse's boss, your in-laws, and your son/daughter's new significant other. These are gifts that are necessary, that need to convey thought and care, but need to also maintain boundaries, especially when relationships are new. Have no fear, shoppers, have no fear!

Mrs. Fields Secrets Gift Guide for Bosses

1. Hurricane Sandy Relief - Donate in his/her name and you'll both feel great. 2. Shimmering Deluxe Cookie Combo - Gourmet cookies and brownies are commonly credited with promotions and raises. (Or so I hear.) 3. Slingbox - Perfect for travelers, this device gives them access to all their recorded TV programs, no matter where they roam. 4. Roll-Up Travel Charger - A good-looking charger for all those important devices. 5. Personalized Custom Bobblehead - Who wouldn't want his/her likeness immortalized with a desktop bobblehead? 6. Desktop Zen Garden - A more relaxed boss is better for everybody!

Mrs. Fields Secrets Gift Guide for In-Laws

1. Digital Photo Frame - Give them a way to display photos of their cherished loved ones (hopefully that's you too). 2. Merry Merry Basket - Earn brownie points with a cookie and brownie basket full of delight. 3. Family Traditions Journal - A great way to capture (and learn) a family's unique traditions. 4. Personalized Calendar - Gather photos of the family and create a beautiful, year-long gift. 5. Restaurant Gift Certificate - Find out their favorite spot to eat and get a gift certificate for a dinner out. 6. Buy a Little Lamb - Help a family far away in the name of your new family near.

Mrs. Fields Secrets Gift Guide for New Friends

1. Cashmere Socks - A little luxury for a new friend, and everybody can always use new socks. 2. Holiday Wreath Tin - A wreath is a sign of welcome, and this wreath is the sweetest welcome there is! 3. Grip Gloves - They can text all they want while keeping warm. 4. Monogrammed Mug - A simple gift with a personal touch. 5. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag - Find out their favorite candy and fill this clever candy dish with it. 6. Trivia Game - No better ice breaker than fun, useless trivia!
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