G'Day (Office) Mate!

Office mates. Think about it--you spend as much time with these people as you do your own family. They know as much about you as your own best friend. And sometimes, if you're lucky, they are your best friends! That's why it's important to remember your office mates when it comes time for holiday giving. Here are some of my favorite picks for the people who share their office, their post-it notes, and sometimes even their lunch leftovers with you! The Precious Plaid Trunk is chock full of sweet goodies and makes a great storage spot later for all those pens you keep stealing from their desks.
Precious Plaid Trunk
Give your office mates our Lamp Post Tin filled with cookies and you'll have people begging to make copies for you.
Lamp Post Tin
And, finally, treat the entire gang with our Delectable Bites Basket, which arrives brimming with oven-fresh sweets that are ready to serve in the break room. I'm not promising you "Employee of the Month" for this, but I definitely foresee a coveted parking spot in your future.
Delectable Bites Basket
The best part of any of our gifts is the moment the delivery box arrives. Guaranteed, it will be the highlight of their day and they won't be able to contain their excitement. And the other great thing? There's plenty to share (with you)! Take advantage of the last day of our extended sale--10% off your entire order. Offer ends at midnight!
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