Fun Ideas With Glow Sticks

Mrs. Fields Secrets Glow Stick Inspiration Before you dismiss glow sticks as childish, check out these sophisticated ideas for using glow sticks to dress up your next party. Such fun and so unique! (Sources linked where available.)

1. Glow sticks in water balloons in pantyhose hanging from the ceiling make a dramatic display. 2. Glow sticks in the bottom of a beverage container make a festive focal point. 3. Glow sticks in jars of water make great lamps to line a walkway or poolside. 4. Serve cotton candy on a glow stick for a bright night treat. 5. Glow sticks in balloons, floating in a swimming pool are dreamy and fun. 6. Glow sticks in the bottom of the pool make for fun night swimming and a great diving game. 7. Empty a glow stick into bubble mixture for glowing bubbles. 8. Glow sticks hanging from the ceiling make a unique and colorful chandelier. HINT: The shorter, thicker glow sticks tend to give off the brightest and longest glow. HINT: Look for non-toxic glow sticks, particularly if you're going to be breaking them open for the bubble idea. Do you have great glow stick ideas? Share them in the comments.
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