Frosted, Fabulous, and 5,000 Free!

Frosted & Fabulous Basket
"Good enough never is." That's been the mantra at Mrs. Fields from the beginning. When it comes to our cookies and gourmet gifts, we'll never ever settle for good enough because it simply won't do for us or our loyal customers. We're always pushing ourselves to create the absolute best, which is why we're excited to announce the latest greatest cookie to grace our gourmet kitchens, our new frosted cookie. We've developed a lighter, softer, melt-in-your-mouth cookie base. It's buttery goodness will blow you away and have you scrambling for any stray cookie crumbs. And that's just the cookie. Now let's talk about the frosting. We've worked tirelessly to create the perfect consistency of sweet, silky frosting that we lavish on each lucky cookie. It's like a thick, fluffy blanket of deliciousness that leaves all competitors in the dust. To taste it is to love it, to crave it, to ask Santa for giant vats of it for Christmas. These cookies are unbelievably fabulous and we're so proud of them, we want everyone to have a taste. That's why starting today, we are randomly selecting 5,000 (five thousand!) lucky packages to receive a bonus frosted cookie added to their gift. Absolutely free. So, if you've ordered a gourmet gift from Mrs. Fields to be delivered this week (or if you're still planning to—there's still time), we're tucking in an extra frosted cookie to introduce you and your loved ones to our mouth watering new treat. It's our way of saying we love you. Because we do. To show our love even more, please take 20% off either of these frosted cookie gifts—our Frosted & Fabulous Basket or our Frosted Cookies Seasons Greetings Tin. Simply use code 11ZEH at checkout.
Frosted Cookies Seasons Greetings Tin
When will we know that we've adequately spread the word about our fabulous new frosted cookies? When visions of sugar plums are replaced with visions of Mrs. Fields frosted cookies. Aren't sugar plums good enough, you might ask? Well, yes, they are. But you know how we feel about that. Merry Frosted Christmas!
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