Frightfully Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

MF Halloween Activities 1 MF Halloween Activities 2

If you're in charge of a Halloween classroom party this year, or simply hosting your own gaggle of ghouls and boys, here are some fantastic ideas to keep things freaky and fun! Follow these links to find endless inspiration. You'll be on your way to Room Mother of the Year!

  1. Make a batch of slimy oobleck.
  2. Spooky popcorn hands are a perfect party activity (and treat).
  3. Q-Tip skeletons are simply spectacular.
  4. Create a "touch and feel" Halloween coffin.
  5. Jack-o-lantern puzzles are a great craft and party favor.
  6. Juice box mummies are sweet to the last slurp.
  7. A spider web bean bag toss is easy to make with electrical tape and fun to play.
Do you have any other great Halloween activities for kids? Share them in the comments section!
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