Falling for Fall

As much as I love summer--and I do love summer--I start to get a little itch as August winds down and steps aside for September. I'm ready to give summer one last meaningful hug and then send it on its way to journey across the globe for the next nine months. I'll welcome it with open arms next June but at the end of August, I'm ready to let it go. (After all, how can I miss summer and pine for it all year long if it won't go away?) Then slowly, one by one, thoughts of autumn start occupying my daydreams and I'm caught up in anticipation of my favorite fall pleasures: a fresh pack of pencils, notebooks bought in bulk, cool breezes, crunchy leaves, college football games, sweaters, jackets, scarves and boots, chili and cornbread, evening strolls, early sunsets, pumpkins to carve and cook, and, of course, baking, baking, baking. Nothing warms the house or the heart like baking. Never to be outdone by summer, fall always arrives with a colorful parade of pleasures.
Frosted Fall Leaf Cookies, Fall Catalog 2009
Now a question for you: What are your favorite fall pleasures?
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