Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Beach

1. Pack light--it's amazing how little you need to truly enjoy yourself. 2. When the going gets rough, go with the flow. 3. A little sand in the suit never killed anybody. 4. Find a space and make it your own. 5. Ice Cream and French Fries are two important food groups. 6. Strive to be as happy as a dog with a Frisbee. 7. You'll never regret using sunscreen. 8. Don't curse nature--eventually we all look bad in a swimsuit. 9. Today's castles are tomorrow's tide pools. 10. There's enough room here for everybody.

Beach Shack Bites Cookie Jar
Beach Shack Bites Cookie Jar

Ahh, a beach vacation; it's the perfect way to refresh! And the perfect way to commemorate a beach vacation is with this adorable ceramic cookie jar. It's my favorite item in my Summer Collection and makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones, young and old alike.

Now I have a question for you: did I miss anything in my list? What Life Lessons have you learned at the beach? I'd love to hear!

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