End-of-School Thanks

This time of year, when the school year draws to a close, it seems that there are so many people to thank.
Embossed Personal Tin
There's the science teacher who went above and beyond all year long, and the administration office who let you know when lunch money had been forgotten. All ninety-eight times.
Sleek Stripes Thank You Tin
There's the bus driver who circled the block every time you stuck a "one more minute" finger out the door, or when a much-needed orchestra instrument was mistakenly left on the kitchen counter.
World of Thanks Box
There's the art teacher who discovered latent talent, a shy desire, and pushed for growth that could have been overlooked.
Big Cookie Cake
And, of course, there's your soccer/baseball/dance/gymnastics/lacrosse carpool drivers, who maintained an intricate transportation schedule, matched only by air traffic controllers. Here's to everybody who made a successful school year and for a long, relaxing summer!
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