Easter Catalog Preview + Early Bird Discount

Picture 1 One of the earliest signs of spring is our Easter catalog popping up in mailboxes, and friends, that time is here! An early Easter this year (March 31) means you get an even earlier sneak peek at all my favorite offerings.

Our Easter Bites Box 2013 is one of my favorite gifts for families—filled with a great variety of bite-sized cookies and brownies, plus two of our luscious frosted cookies.
Hunting for Easter eggs could not be cuter for little ones than with our Happy Hunting Tote, embroidered with darling details and arriving with bite-sized cookies.
I love our Easter Egg Box with it's jagged cracked lid and delightful offerings inside. It's perfect as a special gift and makes a perfect Easter decoration for years to come. These are only a few of my favorites, but you can browse the Easter catalog online and choose your own. And if you aren't receiving our catalog already, request your free copy now! Don't forget to check out our entire collection of Easter and spring gifts for all the loved ones on your list. (Let's not forget St. Patrick's Day gifts either!) Finally, what would a sneak peek be without an early bird discount? Save 15% off your entire order before 3/15/13. Use code 13EEA at checkout and enjoy a beautiful Easter.
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