DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Mrs. Fields Secrets Herb Garden Ideas Looking for a weekend project? Now is the perfect time to start your own herb garden for spring and summer enjoyment. If you're new to gardening, herb gardens are a great place to start getting your thumb green. These simple gardens can thrive indoors or outdoors, in small or open spaces, and save you a lot of money all season long with delicious fresh herbs to enhance your favorite dishes. Check out these fun ideas with links to DIY instructions:

1. A cloth shoe rack turns into a lovely vertical, hanging garden. 2. Window box gardens give a great view from indoors and out. Perfect outside a kitchen window! 3. Keep your herbs identified by writing on small garden pebbles. 4. A hanging tiered fruit basket is great for small spaces, indoor or out. 5. Turn a discarded wood pallet into a contained garden, ideal for a porch or balcony space. 6. Large hanging mason jars look amazing hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

Plus, check out these helpful tips about growing and maintaining your herbs.

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