Creative Ideas to Surprise Your Valentine

Creative Valentine Ideas It doesn't take a lot of money to create a memorable Valentine's Day. All you need is a little creativity and the element of surprise to let your sweetie know how much you care. Here are 10 ideas to get your creativity jump started:

  1. Create a Yarn Trail from that leads your valentine to a romantic picnic.
  2. Giant Valentine Posters make a big statement, hand delivered or mailed.
  3. Fill your valentine's car full of balloons for a fun morning surprise.
  4. Name a star for your valentine, then use a telescope to find it.
  5. Tuck love notes in your valentine's shoes, pockets, wallets, desk drawers, sun visors, etc. to be found throughout the day.
  6. Send your valentine on a treasure hunt with you as the final prize.
  7. Make a personalized e-card on JibJab.
  8. Document your love story with photos and words to create your own book.
  9. Record yourself singing your valentine's favorite song, even if you can't carry a tune.
  10. Order a Big Cookie Cake, personalized with a special message written in frosting (up to 20 characters) that only the two of you will understand. Maybe the first place you met or kissed or maybe the date. Be creative. You can order Big Cookie Cakes online, or from your local store for pickup. Mention this blog post for $2.00 off in store.
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