Clever Ideas for a Graduation Party

Mrs. Fields Secrets Graduation Party Ideas Whether you've got a graduate from preschool or a PhD, I've collected some party ideas to help give your grad a memorable tribute. 1. Hang a series of photos from the graduate's life using simple string and tiny clothespins. It's any easy way to decorate and everybody will love fawning over old photos on the timeline. 2. Copy yearbook pages and affix them to votive candle holders with Modge Podge. This is a simple craft that makes a great centerpiece or decoration. 3. Tie in school colors as well as all the graduate's bright ideas with candy-filled light-bulbs. 4. What to do with all those boxes of school projects and art work? Create hanging folders to contain the highlights. Use them first as a decoration, then combine them into a scrapbook. Consider reading some creative writing from years ago to the party guests. 5. Transform soda bottles with tiny graduation caps. So easy and such a fun detail! 6. Have guests sign a cutout of the graduate's initial or school initials, to create a keepsake from the party that can also be used as a decoration. 7. Gather photos to make a slideshow that can be sent to guests as part of an invitation, or as a follow-up from the party. 8. Personalized cookies make perfect party favors. Add your graduate's photo or school logo to sweet Mrs. Fields cookies with edible icing to create a sweet memento for all the guests! Have any other great ideas for a graduation party? Share them in the comments!
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