Christmas Forget-Me-Nots

Holiday Handout Tins
Can you believe it's almost here? We're within five short days of Christmas! Hopefully you're wrapping up all your shopping in every sense of the word. But before you sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and an It's a Wonderful Life movie marathon, take note. Are you sure you've remembered everybody? I'm a firm believer in keeping some small gifts on hand to give to those unexpected or (dare I say) forgotten gift-ees. Today I'm sharing my list of oft forgotten people I'd smack my forehead if I forgot for the holidays. See if there's someone on the list that you've (eek!) forgotten.
  • Your kids' schoolbus driver
  • Your kids' school teachers
  • Your kids' principal
  • Your kids' coaches
  • Your kids' music teacher
  • Your postal worker
  • Your garbage collector
  • Your dog walker
  • Your babysitter
  • Your hair stylist
  • Your book club host
  • Your dog groomer
  • Your neighborhood lawn mower
  • Your elderly neighbor(s)
The size of the gift doesn't matter---even a card can do---it's most important to acknowledge all the people who provide service to you and your family throughout the year. Of course, that's only my list. Who's the oft forgotten on your list? Share your ideas in the comments section. You might save someone else a forehead smack for Christmas!
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