What Are Your Favorite Holiday Movies?

I loved reading all of your slow-down ideas from our last giveaway, and it got me to thinking. One of my favorite slow-down activities to do during the holidays is to sit next to a roaring fire and watch a…

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Veterans Day blog image 1

Veterans Day

To all of our veterans, active military, and their families, from all of us at Mrs. Fields: thank you. Thank you so much.

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What’s Your Mrs. Fields® Cookie Personality?

Imagine it: a bright red tin filled with an assortment of freshly baked Mrs. Fields® cookies. If it’s true that we are what we eat, before you reach for your favorite cookie, think about this—your choice might be revealing your…

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Trick and Treat: A gift, a carrier, and costume in one! blog image 1

Trick and Treat: A gift, a carrier, and costume in one!

Here’s a fabulous gift idea for the spirited tween on your list, and just in time for Halloween! Our Glowing Ghoul Pail is an all-in-one delight. It arrives brimming with world-famous goodies to share, but the pail makes a great substitute…

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Show Off Your Halloween Style and Save! blog image 1

Show Off Your Halloween Style and Save!

I love, love, loooove to see all the wonderful ways people decorate their homes for Halloween. There seems to be no end to the creativity conjured up for this spellbinding holiday. So, obviously I was excited then when I received…

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Fall Inspirations from Creative Director, Ronnie Kell blog image 1

Fall Inspirations from Creative Director, Ronnie Kell

One of the things I’d like to do here is give you some behind-the-scenes insight into how our gift catalog comes together.  Ronnie Kell is the Creative and Merchandising Director, the creative genius behind our product line and catalog. He oversees…

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Reveling in Simple Pleasures blog image 1

Reveling in Simple Pleasures

It’s the little things, isn’t it? For me, it’s clean sheets, warm breezes, finding a missing sock, the smell outside after rain, green traffic lights, old friends, freshly cut lawns, laughing so hard I cry, the smell of something baking,…

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One Gift, So Many Uses blog image 1

One Gift, So Many Uses

While “reduce, reuse, recycle” is the name of the game these days, it’s not a new way of thinking at Mrs. Fields. I’m excited to regularly showcase here how so many of our catalog gifts can be incorporated into a…

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Frosted Fall Leaf Cookies, Fall Catalog 2009

Falling for Fall

As much as I love summer–and I do love summer–I start to get a little itch as August winds down and steps aside for September. I’m ready to give summer one last meaningful hug and then send it on its…

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Beach Shack Bites Cookie Jar

Everything I Need to Know I Learned at the Beach

1. Pack light–it’s amazing how little you need to truly enjoy yourself. 2. When the going gets rough, go with the flow. 3. A little sand in the suit never killed anybody. 4. Find a space and make it your…

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