Calendar Cravings

Cookie of the Month Gift
Think about the things that get delivered to your house every month: the phone bill, the gas bill, the electric bill, the water bill, the orthodontist bill, the insurance bill, the cable bill... (I think I'll stop now; this list is beginning to make me feel sick.) Now think about opening a different delivery every month---a freshly-baked, gourmet goodie just for you! Kind of changes your whole outlook, doesn't it? Yeah, me too. I am thrilled to announce that the Treat of the Month Club is back and ready to wow! Once a month, gift recipients enjoy a fresh, seasonal selection of our most popular treats delivered right to the doorstep. Seriously, it's like the antidote to the dread of monthly bills! The cure for the common calendar! You can send a 3, 6, or 12 month gift, the first delivery arriving with a welcome letter and details. Check out the monthly selections and more details on our website or in our catalog. And just in case you're wondering, it would be completely appropriate to send this gift to yourself!
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