Bundle and Save on Holiday Acknowledgements

'Tis the season to recognize the people who serve you all year round. Especially if you live in a city, you have several people to acknowledge in December, including doormen, babysitters, dog walkers, personal trainers, mail carriers, and those who provide helpful services to you each week or month. Of course, cash is the traditional way to acknowledge someone's service, but call me crazy if I say that cash can be quite, well, expensive. An alternative way to graciously thank all the people on your list is to opt for our delicious cookie gifts, available by the case, giving you ultimate savings with major wow factor. And who wouldn't want a fresh, delicious gift from Mrs. Fields? Nobody, that's who.
Best Bites Boxes by the Case
For example, I love our Best Bites Box by the case. These beauties arrive ready to give out with a variety of 24 bite-sized cookies in each package. And each case comes with 24 boxes each, driving the cost of each individual gift down by 50%!
Bulk Snowflake Ribbon Boxes
Our Bulk Snowflake Ribbon Boxes are another popular gift during the holidays. They're perfectly sized for individual gift giving. The presentation is perfect, as are the goodies inside! Available in cases of 12.
Bounty of Bites Boxes by the Case
The Bounty of Bites Boxes come in cases of 12 and feature a bounteous 48 bite-sized cookies per box. Yowza! Now that says "thank you!"
Santas Goodie Bags by the Case
You'll have a great time playing Santa with this gift. Full of whimsy and flavor, our Santa's Goodie Bags come in a case of 12 and each bag contains 24 bite-sized cookies. Check out our entire line of bulk gifts on our website. They're also great for business gifts, ready to hand out to employees or clients alike!
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