Bulk Shipping: Save a Bundle and Save Yourself a Headache!

Imagine the holidays without all the hassle. It's a beautiful thought, isn't it? For years, we've been creating gifts that take the hassle and the headache out of your holiday giving. Case in point--our bulk shipping options. Let's say you're in charge of putting together employee gifts for your company. You could run all over town getting this and that and recalculating your budget a hundred times. Or, you could select one of our premium gifts and order it in bulk saving money, shipping costs, and yourself a major headache. Imagine a freshly-delivered box of Mrs. Fields gifts arriving right at the doorstep the day of your event. All you have to do is open the box and start giving gifts away! (Like I said, it's a beautiful thought.) Here are some of my favorite selections that are available in bulk, each coming in boxes of 24:
Santas Goodie Bag
Happy Holidays Tin (24 Nibblers)
Simple Treasures Tin (48 Nibblers)
Cuddly Reindeer Tote
Spare yourself the hassle, the drama, and the headache of holiday giving. If you have any questions, you can always call one of our VERY knowledgeable sales associates at 1-888-COOKIES. They can help you with everything from a quote to gift recommendations. Seriously, they're like Santa's elves, only taller.
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