Bring a Sensational Thanksgiving Side Dish

Let's face it: not every Betty is a Crocker. If you've been asked to prepare a side dish for your Thanksgiving feast and wake up in a cold sweat after nightmares of scorched yams and mushy, overly-salted green beans, I'm here to offer you some sweet relief! Imagine showing up to the door with an armful of perfectly baked goodies. Good idea, huh? Or, maybe you won't be able to attend one of your Thanksgiving invitations and you'd like to send something sweet in your place. Grandma, your in-laws, or you great-aunt Mildred will appreciate the gesture, I guarantee it! Here are a few of my favorite picks to compliment a Thanksgiving crowd of any size: First, I love this rustic basket filled with a combination of frosted cookies and our Nibblers bite-sized cookies--it's a beautiful presentation with great variety! And the basket makes a wonderful gift you can leave with the host.

Next up, I adore this elegant gift box filled with a variety of our original cookies paired with our delicious frosted cookies. This would be an excellent alternative to pie on the dessert table, or a great treat after everyone wakes from their Thanksgiving nap!

Pumpkin Patch Box

Finally, I highly recommend our Big Cookie Cake. Not everybody loves pie, but I haven't met anybody who doesn't love a slice of our moist, delicious cookie cake! Plus, it arrives with a fun Thanksgiving greeting in delicious, finger-licking frosting. You can use our greeting or order a personalized message, using up to 25 characters.

Thanksgiving Cookie Cake

So as you can see, there's no need to fret and worry over your Thanksgiving offering. With the click of a mouse, you'll have the most drool-worthy side dish at the feast. (And you have my permission to remove the wrapping and pretend you baked it yourself. I won't tell a soul!)

P.S. Remember to enter our Give Thanks with the Gift of Cookies Giveaway! You could win a spectacular prize for a loved one in the feel-good giveaway of the year!

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