Brilliant Uses for Water Balloons

The next time you see a package of water balloons, pick one up for the kids to play with and one for yourself to use in these genius ways: 1. Fill and freeze water balloons, then use them to cool drinks or food in a cooler without getting them wet. It makes a useful and festive display at a party. Bonus: When the balloons melt, you can have a water fight! 2. Make your own ice lanterns by filling and partially freezing water balloons. (This works especially well for fall and winter months.) Follow these great instructions. 3. For a large punch bowl, a few frozen water balloons (with the latex removed), create a prettier look than regular ice cubes. Plus, they also take longer to melt, which keeps your punch from getting watered down. Have any other ideas for water balloons? Share them in the comments section!
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